4 Strategic Components for Marketing Success

What can you do to improve communication with your core audience?

As marketers, we like to think that we have complete control over our entire audience and that, simply by pulling certain levers, we can reach every last contact.

In reality, though… we can't control everything.  For example, a certain percentage of your audience will bury your emails in a promotions folder and rarely look at them.  Reaching this group of contacts all depends on when they randomly decide to look at that folder.

But for your core audience, the contacts who are even just a little bit interested, there are four key approaches to optimization that are well within your control and can dramatically improve your ability to communicate.

Content Optimization

Message Testing is your best ally in determining a winning message for your audience.
Go beyond simple A/B testing and try a few multivariate tests with 4, 5, or 6 wildly different variations on your message.

Motiva will send them out to randomized contact batches, and if one or more of them don't resonate with the audience as a whole, we'll know pretty quickly and will stop sending it automatically. No user intervention is required. And now you have more data.

Audience segmentation

As we've said before, the days of indiscriminate "batch n blast" are over. Audience segmentation is the way forward.

You probably have a good idea of what your audience is generally looking for in your marketing communications. But that's still just surface-level. To really get their attention, you need to divide your audience into smaller, like-minded segments.

Motiva makes it easy. Just take a look at the Who's Responding reports and see what types of messages are resonating with different groups. The winning email in a message test may only be part of the story.

Remember those emails that didn't perform well in your multivariate message test? Take another look. See if there's a pattern to who's responding to the non-winning emails, and build Buyer Personas (segments) around those types of messages.


Are you sending the correct number of messages? Motiva makes Frequency Management easy to figure out. Take a look at the Frequency tab to make sure your Configuration settings match the sweet spot we've identified for you automatically.

There may also be specific segments that would respond well to more of your messaging. Check out this article to learn how to test out those segments.

Send Time Optimization

How cool would it be for your message to arrive just as your contact checks their email? Our predictive Send Time AI does just that.

More than just a party trick, send time optimization is another not-so-subtle element of personalization. Knowing when your contact will be most likely to engage and getting your message to them at that moment lets the contact know that you understand them.

And our Send Time AI goes beyond just sending at the same time as the last open signal we received since humans are by nature a bit unpredictable. Whenever a contact flows through a Motiva step, whether it's STO, Message Testing, or a Simple blast, we collect data on their behavioral patterns. We then compile that data and make predictions about the best send time.

All four of these best practices will have another benefit: improving your email sender reputation, or sender score.

Even though it can seem like sender score is something that you can't control, you can certainly improve it by sending content your audience wants, when they want it.

Since ESPs look at factors such as email volume, audience engagement, unsubscribes, and spam flags, Motiva AI's method of staggered sends, content optimization, and frequency management provides the best advantage at positively influencing your sender score. It's a win for everyone!

Ready to take control of your marketing strategy? Motiva AI will make it happen. Schedule a demo today!


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