5 Reasons Why Motiva is Essential to Your Marketing

Any email platform can Batch 'N' Blast. For true email marketing success, you need Motiva.

When it comes to platforms for sending emails, there are plenty to choose from. If your only goal is to push your message out to as many contacts as possible, there are countless options for the outdated batch 'n' blast method.
But if your goal is to actually REACH your customers, Motiva is your best choice. Motiva AI can help you refine your segments, pinpoint the exact send time for each contact, and accurately measure the results.

So why is Motiva essential to your marketing strategy? Here are five reasons:

1. Data hygiene

Your marketing is only as successful as your data is clean and accurate. Most contact databases are polluted with fake accounts, unreachable contacts, and false open signals. If you aren't practicing regular data hygiene, then you don’t have a true sense of your marketing success.

Motiva weeds out the polluted contacts and false signals to provide a measurable foundation for success.

2. Segmentation

Once you have reliable data, the next crucial component is segmentation.

Your audience is not one uniform group and will not likely respond to one type of marketing message. Even in the B2B sphere, you still need to reach the humans who make the decisions.

That’s where segmentation comes in. Motiva lets you build out demographic and firmographic segments to show you exactly which parts of your audience are responding, and which require a different approach.

3. Personalization

Once the segments show you who responds to what, it’s time to drill down and make it even more personal. By using Motiva's per-contact Send Time AI, you'll be sending the right message to the right contact, and they'll see it at the right time.

4. Compliance

If your company isn't already subject to new data privacy regulations, it's likely on the horizon. Whether it's GDPR, CCPR, or your own legal department, you need to be sure you’re not over-emailing.

If your contacts feel overwhelmed because you're sending too many emails, it may prompt them to unsubscribe. Under these tightened restrictions, companies are required to delete almost all data related to that unsubscribed contact, and non-compliance with these regulations can cost you millions of dollars in fines.

Plus, every time a contact unsubscribes or marks your email as Spam, your Email Sender Reputation takes a hit. 

If that Sender Score gets too low, even contacts who look forward to your emails may have them diverted to Spam by email service providers.

Motiva's Frequency Management avoids these scenarios. It analyzes your send volume and shows you how much is too much, according to your own unique audience. Then, you can set the FM threshold, and rest assured that you're not alienating your audience.

5. Time/Cost Savings

Motiva puts the power of multivariate message testing in your hands, providing direct feedback from your audience.

You could pay an outside firm to tell you what they think your audience wants. Or you can use Motiva to create message tests and let your contacts tell you directly and clearly what they want. No guessing or demographic profiling.

And how much time can our automated multivariate message testing save you and your team? Tons. Check out this blog post for a breakdown. The more complicated the test, the better Motiva will respond, and the clearer the actionable data. 

Motiva provides the tools for you to create the most engaging content for your audience. It can then deliver your message at the time that works best for each of your contacts. It sends the right message to the right contact at the right time, making it essential for your marketing.

Ready to see what Motiva can do for you? Schedule a demo today!

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