Announcing support for Adobe Marketo

We're super stoked to announce beta support for Adobe Marketo Engage! Get in touch if you are a current Marketo customer and want to learn more about our free Marketo Beta program. Hit us up at

Lots of folks have asked when we'll start supporting Marketo marketing automation customers. While we've seen strong demand in the Oracle Eloqua community where we started six years ago, newer platforms have begun to grow even faster.

And yet... none of these platforms offer the advanced AI and data analytics that Motiva provides. Whether it's true AI-driven, fully automated multivariate email testing, our patented send time AI system, frequency management, our Dark Pool contact cleaning, or our segment discovery engine - the best marketing teams demand more. 

The Motiva Marketo beta program is entirely free. We are starting by offering access to our most foundational technology - Dark Pool Cleanup. You'll get our premium contact cleanup and health analytics product which identifies problematic contacts and domains based on your data and provides specific guidance on how to save money, fix security issues, and prevent deliverability issues.

We'll deliver additional Motiva functionality in the near future and bring the same fuller AI capabilities that Oracle Eloqua customers have benefitted from to the larger Marketo community! 

For more information, contact us at

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