How Healthy is Your Contact Database? Our Update Shows You At a Glance

If you've been involved with email marketing strategy for any amount of time, you already know that a successful email marketing campaign starts with clean data.

Without a healthy contact database, you're just wasting time and money, and your engagement metrics may be skewed to the point that you're making strategic decisions based on bad intel.

A recent survey of data professionals found that 47% estimated that bad data affected their companies' revenue by 25% or more.

How much revenue is your company missing out on due to bad data?

With sobering statistics like that in mind, we created our Dark Pool analysis to streamline database hygiene.

And our latest innovation is Dark Pool Scoring.

Dark Pool Scoring shows you how healthy your database is at a glance. It breaks down and categorizes your contacts into seven specific groups (with recommended actions for each group), so you can see what percentage of your audience is just dead weight, which contacts need investigation, which are healthy, and much more.

Contact BreakdownKnowing which contacts are problematic (and purging them so they don't affect your email deliverability and sender score) is just the start. In some cases, your data hygiene problems are much more significant. This brings us to our next improvement:

Domain Analysis
As part of our Dark Pool Scoring, we now provide in-depth domain analysis. It will show you which domains are completely unresponsive, which are likely associated with catch-all email addresses (pictured below), and which are bouncebacks probably due to misspelled domain names.

Catch-all domain analysis results

Curious to see how healthy (or not) your contact database is? For a limited time, Motiva is offering a free data health Spot Check. No cost, no obligation. Click here to learn more about it, and get a sample report.

Want to see what Motiva AI can do with your healthy contact database? Schedule a Demo!



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