Video: Message Testing Tips & Tricks

Watch this 5 minute video to learn how optimizing your email content with Motiva's automated multivariate message testing feature is way easier than manual A/B testing.

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Message testing provides a clear, data-driven approach to optimizing your message for a specific audience.  Unfortunately, many MT solutions are simplistic and require time-consuming manual effort to implement.  Automated, multivariate is a game changer for email marketing teams. It will save your team valuable time while also providing actionable insights into your audience. As the messages with the least engagement are identified, those messages are no longer sent to the rest of your audience, ensuring that more of your contacts receive only the strongest messages.

You'll have a clearer understanding of the types of messages that resonate, which can be used to further segment and personalize your messaging. This kind of targeted messaging can supercharge your engagement rates and help you reach your business goals more rapidly.

Learn more: Ultimate Guide to Automated Message Testing

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