Motiva’s Product Updates and Coming Attractions for March 2023

The latest updates for Motiva and Dark Pool users will help streamline workflows, improve overall efficiency, and provide data-driven insights faster than ever.


Dark Pool Ease of Use

The latest improvement to Dark Pool improves our Time Machine ease of use and allows you to remove internal forms for testing and lead scoring from analysis.

You'll still see the top campaigns that would benefit from data cleaning when you first click on the Time Machine tab at the top of the screen.

Now, when you click on the "Select a Campaign" dropdown, you’ll have the option of typing in the campaign name or a partial name, and the search results will update with the matches. The more you enter, the faster you’ll get to the campaign results you’d like to see.

Screen Shot 2023-03-03 at 10.30.23 AM

You no longer have to scroll through to find the email campaign you’d like to see with problematic contact groups removed — incredibly tedious for some of our power users who’ve run thousands of campaigns through Motiva.

For now, the search function is limited to campaign names, but soon we’ll add the ability to search by the email asset as well.

Now, we can also remove any internal forms from Dark Pool analysis. This functionality isn't currently available through your Dark Pool account, but you can email us at and we can do it for you.

Big Improvements to Frequency Management Coming Soon

We have some significant upgrades to our Frequency Management capabilities in the works, all designed to work in harmony.

First, we’re currently developing a Frequency Management Decision Service step, separate from the in-campaign configuration. So, instead of configuring FM as part of a campaign step, you will be able configure it as a Action service step just before an email step, directly on the Eloqua campaign canvas.

We are also improving FM’s evaluation capabilities to ensure that contacts that are part of multiple email campaigns running simultaneously do not receive two emails during the same send hour. (It doesn’t happen often, but we have seen it.)

As part of this improved evaluation capability will also be automated email priority management, which will assign a priority based on the standard campaign attributes of product, region and campaign type.  Automated priority management will determine where a campaign should be listed in the priority list and will automatically remove completed campaigns for you so you don't need to manually edit the email priority list.

The idea is that all three of these features will work together to improve overall Frequency Management.

It'll work like this: You drag a Frequency Management Action Service step onto the Eloqua canvas, just before the email step. Contacts will flow into the FM Action Service, and be held until the next send hour.

Once per hour, Motiva will query all unhandled contacts within the decision steps, across multiple campaigns, looking for duplicate contacts (since contacts can be in multiple campaigns simultaneously). Motiva will then check the email priority to determine which email the contact will receive first.

Enhanced Subject Line Generation

The next version of our subject line analyzer and generator is in development with the goal of providing subject line versions adapted to specific audiences.  Motiva's SLG will learn from the subject lines that worked best for an audience in the past and provide new subject line versions that are more likely to engage.

This upgrade paves the way for replicating your past successes without reusing the content.

Some of the best ideas for improving Motiva come from our users. Have an idea to enhance Motiva? Let us know at

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