Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Event Promotions


Events are a great way to qualify leads and build a relationship with potential and existing customers. Motiva can help you at every stage of the process from planning and designing events to optimizing email invites and analyzing your audience.

Planning, Promotion, and Analysis

Identify the best event topics

Use your website publications to your advantage.  Research hot topics for your audience and write brief articles, videos or other content on those topics.  Develop an email sharing each publication and feed those email versions into Motiva’s Message Testing step. 

To gain clear content insights from the test, the emails should be almost exactly the same except for the topic and resource it’s highlighting.  For example, make sure all resources are the same medium (blog, video, ebook) and the emails are all structured the same.

Track Engagement of Email Versions

Track the engagement between the email versions.  Motiva will identify one or more winners with the topics that are most engaging and relevant to your audience.  Design your next event around these topics.

Optimize Your Event Invite Series

Ideally, you’ll have three to four weeks to promote the event.  You can use Motiva Message Testing and Send Time AI to increase the campaign's unique open, unique clickthrough and conversion rates.

Message Test vs. Send Time AI

Message Testing

Start your email invite series with a message test to adapt your invite content to your audience and optimize for unique open rates or unique click through rates.

Elements to Test Unique Opens vs Unique ClicksRemember that the number of versions you test depends on the number of contacts in your audience.  Make sure you have the minimum contact requirements to run the test.  Learn more about message testing contact requirements.

Also make sure you allow 2-4 days in your campaign schedule for Motiva to gather enough engagement data on the email versions and reach a high degree of confidence in the winner.

Per-Contact Send Time AI

Once you've identified a winning email version, switch over to Motiva's per-contact Send Time AI to optimize send time and increase open rates.

Send Time AI looks for the best send time for each individual contact in your audience and automatically sends to them on the best day of the week and hour of the day based on their previous opens.  Allow for a seven day send window in our campaign schedule.

Staggered Send STO Unrestricted

Also keep in mind that Send Time AI only works if your audience has previous opens in your database records, which the model can use to predict best send time.  If your audience has inactive contacts, then Send Time AI won't work.

4 Week Timeframe Email Strategy

Here's an example of a four-week timeframe with a total of three invites and one reminder.  Start out with MT and transition to Send Time AI for the first email invite.  Use Send Time AI for the second email invite.  Then take a look at Motiva's Send Time Report to find the best send time for the third invite using a simple email step.  Close out with a reminder just before the event.

3 Week Timeframe Email Strategy

For shorter timeframes, take out one of the Send Time AI steps or the Message Test step.  But as before close out with a simple email invite and a reminder in the final week.

2 Week Timeframe Email Strategy


Once you've completed your promotion, dig into your engagement and contact data to evaluate the performance of your optimization and identify opportunities for better targeting.


Compare this campaign's performance to the overall engagement of past webinar campaigns so you know how your optimizations impacted your company's goals.

Guiding Questions

  • Which contacts and how many engaged, but didn’t register?

Run an Eloqua Insights report or set up the architecture of your campaign canvas to direct contacts who didn't register into a shared list for deeper analysis.

  • What topics would be more relevant to contacts who engaged, but didn’t register?

Take a closer look at this group of contacts to understand who they are and what content they do engage with so you can target them in the future.

  • Would they convert with a different medium?

Follow up with this group of contacts by putting the event topic into a different medium, like a short video or a download.  They may just not want to participate in an event, so find another way to stay top of mind.

Check out our blog post on calculating an email baseline to make sure you're tracking your achievements for reporting up.

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