How Royal Mail Achieved 45% Revenue Boost with Motiva Message Testing


Robin Woolley, an email marketing executive at Royal Mail and an avid Motiva Message Tester, discusses the incredible results he's achieved from Sender Persona testing: 20% increase in Unique Open Rate and 45% growth in email-driven revenue.


Royal Mail Persona Testing

When British Royal Mail completed their GDPR updates, the marketing team faced a new challenge: get better email results with a smaller audience. To meet this challenge, Robin Woolley, an email marketing executive, wanted to improve messaging on key campaigns to increase engagement and revenue generation. Robin conducted a few experiments around sender persona, a.k.a. the From line, to see if the audience of his Stamps & Collectibles campaign would engage more if the email came from a person instead of the Royal Mail brand.

Robin chose Motiva’s automated Message Testing (MT) feature for Oracle Eloqua because it dramatically saves time compared to manual A/B testing and protects against unsubscribes. Motiva’s MT can be implemented in minutes as opposed to several hours for a manual A/B test. And MT is adaptive to protect against unsubscribes, meaning it quickly analyzes engagement rates for each version and removes low performing content that could result in contact fatigue. Robin needed a solution that wouldn’t result in an even smaller audience.

After a few simple tests, Robin determined that the name of a colleague, Claudia, generated the highest engagement fr the Stamps & Collectibles audience. So much so that email-generated revenue on the Stamps & Collectibles e-commerce site increased by a sustained 45%.

Motiva Message Testing paid for itself and more.

 Royal Revenue

“Motiva provided us with a really smart solution to be able to efficiently and accurately test a whole host of variables in our campaigns. Having had our experience with manually putting together email tests over a number of years, I’m acutely aware of exactly how much value Motiva has added to our toolkit.” -- Robin Woolley, Email Marketing Executive, Royal Mail

Next Steps:
Robin will continue using Message Testing to optimize email content. His next tests are focused on improving the unique clickthrough rate of key campaigns by testing other variables, including the language and tone around Call to Action buttons as well as content layout.

Learn more about Sender Persona testing using Motiva's automated Message Testing functionality.

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