A Guide to Automated Testing: Types of Message Tests


Key Testing Differences

There are several different kinds of message tests, each with a different combination of key features. Knowing these features will allow you to choose the right type of test for your specific use cases. If you missed the first part of message testing, click here for the basics!


Allows only changes to one variable, for example the subject line, within one test.



Allows for changes to as many variables as you want within one test.


An expert marketer skilled in statistical testing can set up the test manually.



Integrate an advanced machine learning model into your tech stack to automate testing.


Allows for optimization only on the campaign tested.



Yields insights that can be applied to future content without additional testing.

Types of Message Tests

If you pull the characteristics together from above, you can see the different types of message tests available and determine which one is the best fit for your marketing operations. Automation through tools like Motiva AI offers higher impact with low effort.













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